Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ghosties, Goblins, and Ladybugs

I am going to be one of the first people to point out, I love Halloween. LOVE it. I remember my mom decorating the house every year, one year we even made head stones for our "grave yard". It was just always something we did in our house.

Today a friend and I were talking and she was saying how some women on one of her support forum's were talking about trick-or-treating. Yes, I went trick-or-treating. Yes, I will let my little one join in the tradition too. However they were talking about how old is too old to trick-or-treat, and how young is too young.

Personally too young is any baby who can't walk. Unless that baby has an older sibling, then heck yeah dress that baby up and go door to door begging for those delicious, sugar morsels of heaven. But let your older kiddo get the candy. There are plenty of Halloween's left for your younger child to enjoy. Now we definitely dressed up the Little for her first Halloween but there was no way I was going to take my 2 month old out in the cold German weather for free candy. Nah, I figured I'd wait. Even if she was like 9 months old, I still probably would have waited.

And then...you get the "older" kids. The 17 year old's who go out as the kiddos are finishing their rounds attempting to snag up the free candy left. I've seen it happen. Its after 8, people have been passing out candy for hours and they just want the left overs gone so it doesn't add anymore pounds to that butt. Those kids make out better than the little guys that are around at first. 

Now this year, yes this year we definitely went out and about. Being back in the States and having normal trick-or-treating was helpful. Little was the cutest ladybug I'd ever seen. However I am so not going to let her out of the house as a teenager. Too old, is too old.

Cutest Ladybug EVER.
Photo by: Jennifer McCandless Photography

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