Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 9 & 10

So I'm totally stealing this idea from many of my Facebook friends. But instead of putting it on Facebook, I'll put it on my blog. :)

And once again, I'm a few days late.

Day 9:

Today I am thankful for the bed I sleep on. Its a simple thing really and often taken advantage of. But then I think about all the people, even in the US who don't have a bed to sleep on. REALLY puts being thankful in its place. Even just today I saw a lady sitting on the street corner, in a decent part of town, holding a sign explaining that she sleeps in her car. I've always tried imagining what that would be like, how miserable that would be. But in the end I can't. I can't imagine because I've never had to experience that. I've always had a place to call "home". My parents busted their butts for me, so therefore tomorrow morning when I crawl into bed I am going to make sure I think of how grateful I truly am.

Day 10:

Once again, I have to be thankful for doctors. Kaylin's been battling her cold for a few days, fever off and on, fussy and clingy. With her still not feeling up to par, I did the right thing and made her another appointment at Carson. The doctor was awesome, she listened to all my concerns, including the rash that had made its way up her little abdomen and to the backs of her ears. Instead of feeling like she was in a hurry, I felt like she was really listening. I know those Army doctors, most of them aren't really all there. Sure physically but they really don't want to look at yet another snotty nosed, fussy, whiny baby and have to listen to baby's parents make a big deal out of nothing. I admit, I can be one of those parents every now and then. BUT this time, she was really there. She listened, looked at everything I made a note of, gave me clear instructions and sent us on our way. For once, someone who actually cared.

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