Thursday, October 23, 2014

Update on events

I just want to start this by thanking everyone for their concern. We are all okay. Shaken up but overall thankful for everyone's safety. We are definitely counting our blessings that it wasn't worse than it was. 

The man that drove into our apartment was not drunk. He had only an adult learners permit, no insurance, the plates weren't good and his registration wasn't valid. He apologized to us as well. 

As for the apartment, there is significant damage to the window with the possibility of foundation damage they can't assess until we aren't in the apartment. The complex has temporarily put us in the model until they can get us into a new place. We'd discussed just living in the model temporarily until the apartment is fixed, however when we looked outside our building in the hallway we noticed cracks that weren't there yesterday. We believe the foundation has been compromised so we aren't going back to that apartment. 

Thank you everyone for thinking of us and checking on us. We appreciate it!