Tuesday, October 25, 2011

That Poor Little Girl

This evening while browsing on Facebook I was looking at the weather info for this upcoming "storm" we're supposed to have. Now as native Coloradans fully know, you'll believe it when you see it. We get told we're going to have 6-12" of snow, and wake up to see a light dusting of snow...shoot we're still able to wear our flip flops out of the house.

Anyways, while browsing on a local new's channel's Facebook page, here I came across this story and I felt that immediate pain in my heart.

Reposting for a friend/fellow military wife: One of my very good friends Brandy Johnson Allison has a daughter in district 20 in the springs. They had an event today called DOUGHNUTS FOR DADS and her daughter lexi's dad is currently deployed.. Brandy filled out the paper work so that Lexi could get her doughnut, and Lexi chose not to go up when all the dads were in there. When she went to get her doughnut they asked where her dad was. When she answered Deployed . they refused her getting a doughnut.

We're supposed to be a military community, a military NATION. I was 13 on 9/11. I knew nothing about The Twin Towers, what they were or why planes crashing into them was such a big deal. I knew very little about terrorism, mostly what I'd heard and read in my short years in school. I was in 8th grade and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I got off the bus and someone came up to me and said,

Did you hear?

Hear what?

A plane crashed into the Twin Towers!

Oh. *Honestly confused, but I shrugged it off*

I had no idea that day was going to become one of the biggest days in my life. We were taking our DALT tests that day. District Assessment Level Tests (they've since been replaced by CSAP in Colorado). I remember because it took me 3 days to redo that test. Stupid standardized testing. I remember being in class that morning and hearing students being called out of class 1 by 1. People panicking and pulling their children out of school, bringing them home to offer some sort of protection. Suddenly it was my name called on the loud speaker. I thought it was strange that my parents were pulling me out of school but I wasn't going to complain, I got out of those stupid tests.

At the time my mom was working for a toy store, and because we were supposed to be home alone until my step-dad had gotten home that afternoon from work. It wouldn't have be long, but my mom said she didn't want us to be alone with everything going on. Like I said, either way I got out of DALT's.

Long story (not so short)...we all became a united nation. We stood behind our troops, singers like Alan Jackson and Toby Keith wrote songs about that day, for months it was all that was talked about. For years we rallied behind our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors. You saw American flag's on people's cars, outside their homes, and people said with pride, "I am proud to be an American". As a nation we stood behind the president as he invaded Iraq. I remember watching that broadcast in March, we were on spring break and after we went outside to have a snowball fight with the neighbors. We went to war. Yellow ribbons were everywhere we turned. People had "Support Our Troops" Magnets on their cars, trucks, and vans.

And now, now we have grown so "used" the the aspect of war that we don't see what is being fought for. That little girl, little Lexi has a Daddy who she hardly, if ever sees. She may or may not understand that her father may never come home again. And the school refused to give her a doughnut because her daddy was off fighting for their very RIGHT to serve those doughnuts. The school should be ashamed.

We all really need to step back and become one nation again. My heart aches for that little girl. I can't imagine how upset she was. Honestly, I don't even know how I would handle that as her mom. It probably would have taken every ounce of pride for my husband I had to not storm into that principal's office and raise all sorts of hell. However I wouldn't stand for it. I would NEVER want Kaylin to have to go through something like this because her Dad has chosen to be in the military. No child should ever go through anything like this. Its not like he's a deadbeat dad, who's chosen to do drugs, party and do nothing with his life. Her father is DEPLOYED. To me, and I hope you, that is one of the most honorable things a man can ever do.

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MelissaB. said...

It is very disturbing that this happened. I do hope that it doesn't go unnoticed by those in power over the school system. I hope Lexi was able to hold her head high and know that her Dad is an honorable man and what they did....is not honorable.

I am PROUD to be an American and PROUD to be a military wife!