Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 01 – A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

My Little and I, September 2011

I am terribly hard headed
I hate crawling into a cold bed
I have to sleep with the TV on
I'm a cuddler
At Christmas I have to watch National Lapoon's Christmas Vacation AND A Christmas Story
Ice cream fixes everything
I stick my tongue out, often
I love stuffed animals (it led to a Build-A-Bear addiction for a while)
I love candles
All time favorite soda...Dr Pepper
I'd rather work early in the morning, then late at night
I'm the most independent, dependent person
I enjoy taking pictures, especially of my Little
I love country music, but find myself putting on the local rock channels
I'm excited to get back to school, even if its going to suck for a while


jenniferlyount said...

Win <3

SuziG said...

Damn, I just saw all this! My family watched Christmas Story all the time, my Dad's name is Ralph and we always joke with him about "Ralphie," lol. (It's his favorite Christmas movie ever. Last year we bought him the pink bunny ornament. hehe!)