Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 3 & 4

So I'm totally stealing this idea from many of my Facebook friends. But instead of putting it on Facebook, I'll put it on my blog. :)

For the entire month of November I'll be blogging about what I am thankful for.

Day 3:

I am thankful for this beautiful weather we've been having. Ohmygosh, it's been bea-U-tiful! (Please remember to say that like Jim Carey in Bruce Almight, kay thanks) Not only did the summer royally have a massive amount of weather suckage in Germany, but we get to Colorado and were barely here a week and we got a "cold" spell. Okay for the rest of the state, that had temperatures in the 90's (I remember getting off the plane in Denver feeling like I was hit in the face by a sweaty, stale palm) it was cold. To us, it was normal. However even though the cool was a nice break from the 90 degree temps, it was chilly! Anyways, usually by this time we're always bundled in thick heavy jackets, snow boots and gloves. Shoot I got HOT taking Kaylin trick-or-treating. Long story short, even though we got like no summer to enjoy, I'm so glad that its been decent enough to enjoy the fall. :)

Day 4:

The laugh of my baby girl. I honestly don't now how I can get more thankful. Her laugh is so cheerful and happy. Its amazing that I lived so long without it. Her laughing can make me laugh, its honestly contagious. In just one laugh, she can make my day go from bad to amazing. I even notice other people around her laugh and smile when she does. See its not just me.

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