Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis the season

So with Dennis supposed to go to WLC this week I asked him if we can put up the tree and things now so we can enjoy it together since he'll be gone for most of December. Whatever right? Well we're taking stuff out of the basement and he's complaining! He does this EVERY year. I get so annoyed because all I want is a nice Christmas and he has to sit and complain about everything. GRRR. Can't he just be thankful and happy? I honestly hope next year he regrets how he's acted because Kaylin and I will be putting up the Christmas tree and celebrating together and he'll be deployed. Who knows, maybe it won't phase him at all. As much as I wish he'd realize that I doubt he ever will. *sigh*

I totally could go for a nap right now, but I've got a billion loads of laundry to do. Somehow even though I did laundry last weekend, it piled up super high again this week! I don't think it helped I let Kaylin's go for a while, though I could. That child has SO many clothes I have trouble fitting it all in the dresser!

Anyways, we got a new Christmas tree this year. Our one from my grandparents just isn't going to make it another year. :( As much as it breaks my heart, we have to replace it. But the new one looks very good, I just have to put the lights on it and then we'll decorate. I can't wait to see Kaylin's eyes when she sees it all pretty. We've got the majority of Kaylin's shopping done, which excites me. I just have to start wrapping them and maybe find a few from Santa.

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