Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hummmpp Dayy!

Whelp its just after 6. I've gotten a few things accomplished, but nothing near what I wanted to. I guess I have some time when Kaylin goes down too. Dennis still isn't home yet but hey its whatever in all honesty.

GAH, he just called and said his soldier (who just got here by the way) got robbed at the airport. WTF, how the hell do you get robbed at the airport? God I have a feeling this bitch is going to be DUMB and I am going to have to kick some ass. Top it off he hasn't seen Kaylin all day long, didn't come home from lunch or anything. I have to say, I think its crap. Even if he gets 20 minutes, he can call and I can have a sandwich ready for him. Instead he just doesn't come home. It gets old. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful that he can come home, its just hard when he doesn't.

He came home and told me he didn't ask exactly how she got robbed but he assumes she was pickpocketed at the airport when she was sleeping. SERIOUSLY? Who sleeps at the airport alone? GAH, she is dumb. Husband, please just remember you are her boss not her babysitter. I will take the time to remind you when you forget. :)

Still not feeling tip top either. My ears are both starting to bother me now. :( I'm gonna have to give in and take the benadryl at night. Maybe I'll try other stuff during the day that makes me way less drowsy. Hopefully the combination will knock it out of my system. *sigh* Though I have a feeling I'll be making another appointment for Monday. :( I'm really glad I decided to stay put inside and not do anything at all today. Well except for homework. I think that was a good decision on my part. I woke up on the right side of the bed...turned WAYYYY wrong as soon as I got up....

So its 4:30, Kaylin starts fussing. Knowing that we'll be up in just around an hour, I pull her into bed with us hoping she'll sleep for a bit longer. Success, Mommy 1, Kaylin well...I'm sure she's winning. Then the alarm goes off, up we get. I start a bottle and Dennis gets ready for PT. I log into Facebook as Kaylin's bottle warms up and see a message from MIL. Fan-tast-IC. She says to have Dennis check his email, so assuming she meant messages on Facebook I log in for him. His dad's mom passed away from complications during surgery. :( I feel so bad because he really liked her. Well I also noticed a message from this girl. Basically confessing that she needs him. EXCUSE ME? So I ask him what the flying fuck is up with that...he says he doesn't know her and only added her because I added her. Well I look at her pictures and I know for a fact that I know her through him. Whatever, irrelevant (eventually that gets sorted). So I block her from a lot of my profile, but still allow her to see that we're married and my pictures (gotta rub that shit in...biattchhh). Well Dennis texts me and says that he left the way he did because he's upset about his grandma and that the chick is crazy. So she set my mood for the day. So I smartly stayed in the house and did nothing but homework today. That way I didn't run into anyone and be pissed off...veryyy smart decision. I have decided that I hate single women...yup that's the moral of this... I've met very few that I can actually stand.

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