Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Start the coundown

Dennis left for WLC this morning. I'm already wishing he'd be back. I've decided that the next time he decides to get promoted and has to go away for schooling he is to clear it with me first. I have to check the Kaylin and mommy sickness calendar (to make sure we do not have any upcoming sickness' scheduled), the school assignment board (so that I do not get stuck with all your homework), and the snow storm forecast.

See both Kaylin and I have come down with mysterious nose sickness X. She's stuffy and crabby and my throat hurts, my nose is stuffy and runny, and I'm crabby. So we're both total crabs and have no desire to do anything but mope around the house. Well the battalion was doing a small fundraiser and pictures with Santa. So I took Kaylin and got her picture taken, we stayed for a while and then left. I got her some more toys for Christmas...I swear this child is SO spoiled!! :D I love spoiling my baby!!

Dennis' platoon sergeant decided he needed to go back to school. So he told him to apply for classes while they were in the field. So he got stuck doing school work right now and guess who gets the load!!? Yup, ME! I better get super wife of the year award or something, because being up at 3 am to take him to the bus and doing his homework for him definitely deserves it. Oh did I mention it SNOWED like no other?! Yeahhh, dusting snow off a cold car at 3:30, sucks.

Top it off that snow storm dumped a bit of snow on us. Nothing that was "terrible" and should shut down the post, but seriously...it sucks! I hate driving in the snow, not that I'm not experienced in it, but still. Can't it snow and be warm?! Puhhhlleeeasseee???

I've decided tomorrow is getting caught up on Dennis homework, and vegging at the house. I think its going to be another pajama only sort of day. I love those days, no agenda just hanging around snuggling. Maybe I'll finish decorating the house so that I can take all these boxes downstairs!

Oh and I hate when my Mikes Hard Lemonade is more lemonadey than it is hard. :) Just sayin!

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