Friday, November 5, 2010

GAH. Enough Said.

So its 2 am, I'm up feeding the baby and guess where my husband is...laying down in bed, drunk as shit not a care in the world. Lemme give you a back story...

A friend of ours is getting deployed very soon. So we had once last party at his place tonight. Well before we left I asked Dennis if he was gonna take Oreo out or if he was just going to do it when we got back. He says, "I'll take him out when we get home. No matter how drunk I am." *Rolls eyes....surreee* So we go, stay till almost 2, and head home. We bring Kaylin in, put her in our room and I look over. Dennis is taking off his clothes. Great, I just got voted to take Oreo out. So I quick run him downstairs the entire time loathing the fact that Dennis is stuck up in the bathroom while I'm doing exactly what he said he'd do. So I come back up, make Kaylin's bottles and get my ice cream. He comes out of the bathroom as I'm taking off my clothes and I go, "Don't worry, I've already taken out the dog." "Oh shit honey, I totally forgot. I'm sorry." "Right." *glare* I go to pee and then suddenly...BAM, Kaylin has "mommy is going to sleep and I want to be awake radar." *glare* So she starts getting fussy. Fan-fucking-tastic. So I take her out of the car seat and hold her for a second and then lay her down in the bassinet with strict orders to cry loudly because Dennis is trying to sleep. She totally does....gooooddd baby :D. So he picks her up and its mommy to the rescue. "Give her to me so I can feed her." I take her. "I can feed her." "Whatever, just give her here."

So now where I am...its 2:30 I'm up, exhausted...have mountains of homework to do and am STILL awake while I'm husband sleeps off his drunkness. Seriously, where the fuck is my HELP. I feel like I'm raising 2 god damn kids. He has NO responsibility what so fucking ever. I have to do EVERYTHING. Because if I don't, it doesn't get done. Any other man would see the trash full and take it out on his way down the stairs. Dennis ignores it until I either ask him to take it out or I do it myself. Why?! Why do I have to ask him!!! We've had this conversation before, and obviously we've gotten no where. ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I think I'm going crazy. Getting him to put his dish in the dishwasher is like pulling teeth, even if its empty! How hard can it be?! Swish around the water, put it in there. 1 minute, tops. Instead I'm stuck washing the dish because I can't rinse off the food crusted to the side.

Now the question is, do we go sleep in there with him, or stay out here until he figures out that I'm seriously pissed the fuck off.

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