Monday, November 15, 2010

Is it Friday yet?!!

I admit, I've been slacking in this department lately. Though I HAVE an excuse. :) School is totally swamping me, though it really shouldn't. I deserve mother of the year award for life lately. Taking on 3 classes (for a grand total of 9 credit hours) this semester with a newborn and a husband who is gone more than he is home...I am INSANE. I've managed to keep my head above water and actually get the assignments that I need done, finished. :D I must say...I kick ass.

Anyways, lately I've been going crazy. I've avoided venting just because it doesn't really seem necessary. But for crying out loud, I am a HUMAN not a fucking taxi. Now that being said, I do not feel like a taxi I'm just stressed out because I don't need to go grocery shopping at the moment and I'm sorry that you do. You need to get your license and your own car. This will make your life a million times easier. I just hope that you are planning on getting to the airport on your own, because neither my car or Dennis' car is not big enough to take 3 people and a baby to the airport...not to mention your luggage and everything. So I am sorry but I cannot take you. And do not expect me to take you and take both cars...that is ridiculous.

Though I must say, Kaylin has driven me crazy lately I needed a break from her so bad! I feel so awful saying that but I did. She had a total "daddy only" day yesterday and I'm not going to lie, it was nice. Though after she finally went down it seems like he felt he deserved a "daddy of the year" award because he held her all day. Seriously?! Are you kidding??? You feel all sorts of special because you held your daughter? WTF?! I love my little girl, and I thank God for her every day. Sometimes a person just needs a break.

Hmm, maybe I should go to bed early tonight I could really use the extra sleep. But I really need to do some homework. Though I'm almost done, almost! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, as long as I don't screw it all up! Gahhh!!!! Guess I'll get off here and go do something productive.

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