Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Whelp, today is Halloween. Didn't really do any fun celebrating, since the post did everything yesterday. I didn't bother taking Kaylin trick-or-treating either, she's too young and she was crabby by the time we got home. But we did have a party and she slept soundly from 8 pm-6 am. Well it was 5 am because the clocks changed back here already...but still 10 hours! She went down a little after 7 tonight, so we'll see when she wakes up. I did put her in her Halloween costume from Grams and Auntie today. I mean she can't not wear it on Halloween!

I got my homework mostly done for the week already. Now I just have to catch up on my work in Psychology. I tell ya, self-paced classes are terrible. But thankfully I only have a bit longer to go and I'll be done with 2 of 3. That will lighten my load tremendously!

My ear started hurting Friday night, and it hasn't really stopped since. :( So I made an appointment to see a doctor about it. I've been putting drops in, but now they are doing little good. *sigh* I've never had an ear infection before, I hope this isn't the makings of one! I did clean out my ears Friday, so maybe I irritated it. Argh!

Though today wasn't all that bad. Dennis, Kaylin and I hung around the house, ate dinner and Dennis, Wilbur and I watched a couple of movies. Neither of which I honestly cared to watch so it was good homework time. Paranormal Activity 2 was alright, I tell ya...the first one was a hell of a lot scarier when I thought it was real. Finding out it was fake really sucked! Then we watched the new Resident Evil movie...or they did. I tuned that one out for the most part, I am not big on those movies; never have been.

Its late now, I can update tomorrow because I've gotta be up and moving at 7 so I can get to take my test on time and I can study before hand. See ya later!

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