Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You know your day will be rough when....

your daughter kicks you out of your own 2 months old, you find a bird trapped in your stairwell flying around, and the post is doing training exercises at the gates again.

Well I didn't update yesterday because I was so busy. Took Kaylin over to a friend's so she could watch her for a little while. I had to go observe those stupid kids again. I swear I could make up everything in the 2 hours I watch them. Now I do love going, its nice to get out of the house and play with some kids. But at the same time I just hate dragging myself to go. It seems like the biggest waste of time ever.

Last night was our first FRG meeting without the guys. It was semi successful, I'm not sure if there were many wives around anyways. The post switched around Halloween, which was stupid! Oh well, not my issue. Though I did hear a lot about it!

Anyways, this morning Kaylin and I were cuddling. She got fussy so I got up to give her a bottle, the little booger fell back asleep! And I knew if I were to attempt to climb back into bed she'd wake up again. 2 months old and kicking me out of my own bed! She's her father's daughter for sure!! But on a sad note, she is fitting in 0-3 month clothes! :( I'm so sad to let go of her newborn clothes!

Then we go to take Oreo out, and there is a little bird flying around in our stairwell! I don't *mind* birds when they are in cages or in the wild...but flying around in enclosed places that I can walk through isn't gonna fly with me. It didn't help it was right by our door. I actually knocked on the neighbor's door to see if she'd take out him out but she wasn't home. I called someone to come get it, and they managed to catch the little thing alive. Thankfully.

Top it off the post is doing more exercises today, looks like we aren't leaving the house til tomorrow morning!

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