Monday, October 25, 2010

Life is so fragile

So a dear friend of mine just lost her 2 month old baby girl yesterday. She was born a few weeks after Kaylin. She was ill, so in ways this was not unexpected but it still really hits home. There are days when Kaylin's constant crying and needing to be held annoys me. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I say, "Kaylin, SHUT UP!" But after reading that, and thinking it could have just as easily been Kaylin. I now refuse to take every minute with her for granted. Life is too short to get upset because I have to hold her all day long, just because she wants to fall asleep in my arms. Its amazing how easily we forget to cherish these little things, especially during times of high stress. And I feel bad that it took the death of someone so innocent and pure to remind me to thank God for my beautiful daughter and my wonderful husband.

I am thankful that I have the strength to do the job I've been asked to do, and I am able to do it proudly. Being an Army wife is the hardest job anyone can ever think of doing. Being separated from your spouse, not knowing when you'll hear from him next, and not being able to be there with him daily really takes a toll on someone. But the pride that comes with loving someone who is serving our country makes everything seem doable. Now I have had my breakdowns and my nights of crying myself to sleep. But at the same time, I stop and realize that God never gives us anything we cannot handle and its time to remember that if He brings us to it, He will bring us through it. When there seems to be no one else in this world, He is the one that can comfort us and is there to listen and not judge.

That being said, today was a pretty bland day. DPW came to fix the heaters, so now the heat should start kicking on and hopefully we'll stop freezing. Sometimes its hot in the house, but I've gotta keep it that way for Kaylin. Her little hands get like ice sometimes. Tomorrow will be semi-busy so we'll see how things end up going. Gotta go to the library and education center at least!! For now, I'm off to shower and go to bed.

Please friends, do NOT take life for granted. You never know when God calls you home.

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