Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy Busy!!

Well its been a while since I managed to update this...its been a busy week!!

Thursday we ran some errands and met up with Samantha. That was a lot of fun, its nice having someone my age to hang out with. =] We did pizza and wine...classy, huh? There wasn't much of a need to do anything but homework anyways. And honestly homework is getting very old!! I can't wait until Dennis is home, I'll be able to do something again!

Friday I went with a few ladies to Ikea! I love that place, though I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, I found stuff that would work. I wanted a tub for Oreo's toys since I'm sick of them being all around the house. I found that but I didn't really find a thing for Kaylin's pacifier's. I picked up something but I'm not sure it's going to work. We'll see I guess.

Saturday was the crappiest day! So every year the Battalion has a Halloween Bash. Usually it involves a "trunk or treat", a haunted house and other activities. Well the guys were gone this year, so it was a total BUST! It was supposed to rain and be totally gross, so we opted to do everything inside. So no trunk or treat or bouncy house. The majority of the companies didn't have the man power to pull off anything really cool for the haunted house, so everyone decided we'd do something together and each company would have an "area" of responsibility. So our company was in charge of providing the papers for the coloring contest. No big deal, we got that done easy. Saturday morning everyone was supposed to show up around 10 and set up their area. I go over and really, there isn't much for us to do. No point in decorating the table because the kids are just going to destroy it. Well the Battalion commander's wife decides she's going to sweep the area...mind you we're in a BASEMENT HITLER used as an escape tunnel. Imagine WWII bunker with white painted cement've got this place. Dusty, old and full of mold. Yup, so we're going to SWEEP it around? How about...NO! It stirred up so much dust that I had to leave with Kaylin because I couldn't breathe. If I couldn't manage to breathe, how was she?! Ya know?! I pick up Samantha and we take the kids to do some errands and run back to Battalion. I drop off some stuff and then we head over to the Fall Fest that was going on. Nothing really fun, though I did get a neat little button with a picture of Kaylin and I on it. =]

We go back to Battalion again and I put Kaylin in her costume. She didn't hate it, but it wasn't her favorite thing ever either. She eventually just passed out and relaxed. The kids were insane, it was really just chaos. So poorly planned that it almost wasn't worth even doing in the first place. Really disappointing, if you ask me. Hopefully next year's won't be too bad. I mean its obviously going to be cold and rainy, its GERMANY! Thankfully Kaylin got fussy, so we bailed early. I came home and she was just a royal pain in the ass! She even cried through her bath, which isn't like her. =[ She was passed out cold by 7 last night, poor baby was exhausted! She slept until almost 4 am too...I was so shocked. I got some homework done and talked to Dennis for a bit.

Ugh, so Dennis' cousin REALLY pisses me off. When we first got married he needed to be bailed out of a pretty tight spot, so she lent him the money. Well we've been working on paying her back, but with Kaylin and everything its just so much. We sent her $150 last month and she has the nerve to give us shit about sending her more money. Saying "Am I gonna have to ask every month or should I contact Dennis' commander?" Seriously?! WTF is wrong with you??? I'm sorry that you got out of the Army to pursue your dream of owning your own business. But that was a DUMBASS move. You knew the economy was bad, so getting out and trying this now was pretty stupid. Top it off your ass got pregnant and married the guy. Apparently he's got a shitty job so all of you are screwed. And you tell me that you don't want to join the Army again because you don't want to be away from your baby. I understand that, believe me...I'm a mother I understand. But at the same time you're having issues paying things and your having trouble coming up with money. I sure as hell would rather be away from Kaylin and know that I'm not struggling with getting her food and clothing than to be with her and not able to provide. So if you are "having as much trouble as you say" RE-ENLIST. I told Dennis I'd work 3 jobs before I would let my child go hungry. PRIORITIES!!

Well today's been about homework...guess I might as well get back to it all. *sigh*

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