Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Grind

Well out of no where I got the motivation to finish all my assignments for the week. Okay well not all of them, but I got the ones due tomorrow out of the way. Now maybe I should put this motivation to work on the house. Though the reading I haven't been doing may need to be done first. If I can just catch up on that, then I will feel better about everything. *sigh* I think it'd help too if I didn't take so many notes, that I'd be able to read faster...hmmm. =]

Dennis called last night, it was really good to just hear his voice. I miss him so much. It doesn't help that facebook keeps putting up pictures of him on the side. Then I go look around the album and go "Oh I remember that!" Ugh, grr you facebook.

Dang, so here I write about all this motivation to clean and what happens...Kaylin wakes up. Darn it!! Oh well, guess its time to snuggle up to her and read. I know I'm going to miss these days when she just wants to cuddle! Welp, I've got a stinky diaper (formula poop is so much worse than breast milk poop) to change!

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