Friday, October 29, 2010


After a LONG month, he's home!!! Oh gosh it was so good to finally see him. It felt like FOREVER. I can't believe how strong I can really be when I have to be. Yes, there are definitely hard days and I think everyone goes through them. But when you have them back in your arms, it seems like nothing ever happened. Its sorta funny because he comes home and totally messes up my routine and everything. But thankfully Kaylin didn't change, she was down and asleep by 7 again. Poor little girl had a long day!

It was SO nice to cook again, oh my gosh. I literally felt like I was on a cooking show! I was like "hello mr. crock pot, long time no see." "hello leftovers, nice to have you back in my refrigerator!" I've got so many dishes waiting for me, I am so excited! Dennis told me yesterday he's got tons of laundry for me. I was like "YES!" I hardly run the washing machine and dryer while he's gone. The poor dishwasher only got used twice. I tell ya, life is totally different without them. Its hard though sometimes because I get into a routine and then he comes back. I was just getting used to him being gone. And part of me knows that next time he goes he'll be gone for a year. That's hard, but I can do. I can!

Oreo has followed Dennis around the house all day. Its kinda funny. He left to take back a friend a bit ago and Oreo looked at me and was like "seriously? will he be back?!" I kept telling him he'll be back, don't worry! Poor dog doesn't understand. He's laying sprawled out on the couch right now, sucker!

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