Saturday, January 8, 2011

When the going gets tough...

...the tough get going. Or so they say.

I haven't been on here in a few days, in all honesty I've been flat exhausted. Between Kaylin waking up and not getting a solid night of sleep, and then getting more sleep so my body thinks its tired, and all the stress of this upcoming deployment I've just been beat come 8 pm.

Honestly I love my husband, though sometimes I wish I could pound into his head everything I was thinking at the time. Yes looking back at everything I have been a bit crazy and moody. But on top of adjusting myself to him being gone, having a (soon to be) 5 month old, being in a foreign country, and all my responsibilities of FRG leader we have to figure out how to make my car pass inspection. NOT something I was looking forward to, not going to lie.

But I think we're finally on the same page about things. I do understand he needs his guy time, but its important for him to realize I need me time too. I just never feel like I can leave him home with Kaylin. I feel like for him, she's a chore. I know he doesn't believe that. Its just how I feel sometimes. I told him that and we've talked about it. I think I'm going to start using the time to take Kaylin up to the CDC when it gets closer to him going so that we can spend some alone time together. Plus we have free hours, why the heck not use em! Plus it helps me get the break I need too. I love Kaylin to death but sometimes I think she's going to be the death of me. Okay, only when she's screaming.

Oh and my lovely child has now figured that feeding herself and battling mommy for the spoon is more fun than actually eating. JOY. And she is getting teeth. Scratch that...fangs. Yes my child is going to be broadcast to the world, hopefully I can land her a role in the last Twilight movie. :) It was quite the day when I saw that little pearly white rear its ugly, and sharp!, head. Kaylin took her first tooth like a champ, the second...ehhh not so pleasantly. She's been on a slow and steady drip of Infant Tylenol. Just kidding, she's gotten just one dose today. Goodness!! Though her outfit may speak a different story.

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