Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here's to the END of 2011

So this is 2011. Already. Where did the year go?? This time last year Dennis and I were getting ready to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, I was a few weeks pregnant with Kaylin, and Dennis was about to get promoted. Since then I've had a job, switched jobs, had Kaylin, been a single mommy (when Dennis couldn't be here), gotten plenty of frustrated and been scared out of my mind for 2011.

Now I'm so ready to kick this year in its ass! I don't want my husband to go to the giant sandbox, because the thought really freaks me out a bit. But we've talked about it and he's promised to stay safe and come home to us. I've also decided what will be will be. I cannot focus on what's gone on in the past and let it effect my future. This is a new year and I've completely decided to let go of those past years. Not only is it effecting my life, but my relationship with my husband and daughter. The anxiety I held for so long cannot control me anymore. It has me constantly irritable, biting the head off the dog, Kaylin and Dennis. Its not fair to them because they do not understand why I am so irritable, because I cannot bring myself to say it all to Dennis. He has proven himself a man, a father and mature adult plenty of times over in the last 2 years and now its time to start treating him like one. Now I know its not going to be easy, but I'm definitely going to try. I am short tempered with Kaylin, and now I know lately its because of a lack of sleep, but I don't want to be like that. I love her to death and I hate that I get so irritated with her sometimes. It breaks my heart.

Now all that being said, we had a wonderful New Years Eve. We went over to Correna's house and hung out with her family. :) I love going over there, it gets me out of the house and it helps me relax a bit. Then we came home, I cooked egg rolls and Dennis went to get the friends. We partied until the wee hours of the morning and watched the Germans lighting fireworks. Gotta love the Germans on that occasion.

Happy New Year!

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