Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Darling little angel

SHUT UP! Goodness gracious go to sleep already. I swear if I could hear my neighbor's talk they'd probably think I abused my daughter. =[ I'm trying to deal with her constant crying and need to be held. And day after day I just give in because I'm not in the mood to deal with the crying. *sigh* Must I be so determined but at the same time completely sick of hearing her crying. I'm not sure my little darling angel is feeling so good either. She's been tugging at her ears lately.

She also decided that o'dark 30 was a good time to wake up this morning. I'm not sure who or convinced her of that. I can say o'dark 30 because when its still dark at 8:30 am, 6:30 is o'dark 30. =] I crawled out of bed, and wandered to the sink to begin preparing a breakfast bottle. Scoop, Scoop, Scoop....water, yep that's warm enough just now to make sure I don't go over 6....pour...stop!!! Now shake it up and off I go still fighting the idea to just feed Kaylin in our bed to maybe get another bit of sleep. Meh, might as well get up and make coffee. I pick her up and we head for the couch. I put the bottle in her mouth, ahhh quiet!! I begin to check Facebook as she eats. Not long after I put the bottle in her mouth its done, she eats so fast! Kept it all down, so I laid her on her play mat and made my coffee. Ahhh, coffee. Then I spill the grounds all over the place, AGAIN! DAMN IT!!! It gets cleaned up and I make my way to the couch with my warm waking up beverage. I sip on it and begin my daily routine of checking websites and things. Dennis comes home and lovingly puts on his Ipod to drown out the noise of my TV. Thanks....

He heads out and leaves me with a tired, fussy baby. Ugh, not another day like yesterday. I do not feel like dealing with a screaming kid today. Bleh! She wakes up, and I put her in her swing so I can do some laundry. She starts getting fussy so I go to make her a bottle and the hot water is barely working. GREAT, did the dumbasses turn off the water again?! EFFFFF. I make a bottle with cold water and stick it in the heating appliance my aunt so ingeniously sent me. Then I toss on shoes, amidst the screams of my hungry spawn and take Oreo outside to check the door for any shut off of the water notices. NOPE! Great, now I'm pissed. I'm calling DPW!! I hurry Oreo up and come back upstairs to shove the bottle in Kaylin's mouth. I call DPW.

DPW Lady: "Work orders..."
Me: "My hot water is not working..."
DPW Lady: "Okay, what building?"
Me: "8811" She better not tell me they know of a problem...
DPW Lady: "We'll send someone out."
Me: "Thank you." Gah, it better be fast. I hate slow heating bottles!

I return to the faucet to see if its back on. Yup. So I call back and tell them never mind its back on. Sweet, probably DPW screwing around downstairs. Well one of the trashcans smelled and had liquid in the bottom so I went to clean it out with the hot water from the tub. It had a funny color, Goodness how dirty was this trashcan?! Seriously?? Hmmm, maybe its the water. I flip on the light, to see. Yup, the water is BROWN. Are you freaking kidding me?! Its brown!! The water in my bathroom is BROWN. Gross!! Now I'm not going to be able to do laundry or anything. I'm not letting my daughter's clothes to be washed in BROWN water!! I freaking hate this place.

I still have brown water coming out of the hot water in my tub. Hmmph....hopefully neither of us need a bath sometime soon.

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