Friday, January 14, 2011

Sometimes I hate my husband....

No, its not going to be one of those blogs actually. SURPRISE.

For the last few days, hell has been unleashed on my lower back. No clue what I did, but all I know is it sucks ass. I can barely walk, picking up Kaylin royally sucks. I pushed through till Wednesday when Correna and the boys came over to help out a bit and brought me dinner. Angels, I must say. Well Dennis took me to my chiropractor appointment on Thursday, I could hardly walk. I waddle into the room, she adjusts my back and then has another lady work on my muscles. Honestly, almost better than a massage. So I left a little tender but more able to walk. Dennis drops me off at home and goes back to work. I (smartly might I add) made an appointment to see the normal doctor in case I couldn't get anything from the chiro.

So I get up this morning, not really thinking because my appointment was at 8:30 and I got up at 7:40. No biggie right, but between driving time and getting into the clinic itself I have to leave no later than 8. Damn for the no sleeping! Dennis changes Kaylin's diaper and I mosey to the coffee pot. I manage to make a giant mess with the coffee...FML! I flip the switch on the coffee pot, grab the dust pan and sweep up the coffee off the ground. Then I manage to get dressed, actually dressed, and put Kaylin in her car seat. DAMN...I realize, no bottle. EFFFF! Well we don't have time for her to eat at the house, so I quick make one and go. Thankfully we get to the clinic and I get a bottle in her mouth before she starts screaming. Thank you Jesus that she was cooperating this morning. Usually she screams until the little rubber nipple touches her lips. I've actually looked and her and said, "When was the last time I starved you? HUH? I know you're hungry, and you will get food. Aye child!"

I proceed into the clinic, ramming the stroller into every corner and wall I can find. Because feeding a child and steering a stroller isn't exactly what I have mastered yet. I go to check in at the Team 1 desk (totally unsure of who and where my appointment is at). The nice lady informs me I'm upstairs now, only pediatrics is on the bottom floor. Oh, simple enough. Good to know now! So I turn the stroller around, managing to bonk the side of the wall again and find the nearest elevator. Of course, its a po-dunk elevator. With...get this GERMAN wording on it. Seriously?! For crying out loud, I just wanted to stab the button. We're on post, come on people! I look at Kaylin and tell her, very matter-of-factly that we are not to get stuck in said elevator, because if we do I am going to be a VERY angry mommy.

Thankfully we make it out of the elevator, no yelling needed. Which is good because I didn't really feel like yelling. I check in and sit down. There is a German mom and her son sitting a row up from me, and she's looking at (I'm assuming) a rash. Fan-freaking-tastic lady. I really hope my kid doesn't get anything. Thankfully I didn't take her out of the carseat so hopefully being in no physical contact will help. I get called back and the guy gets my weight and info and takes me back. Oh yeah, I'm seeing like the worlds "best" doctor. I say that with EVERY ounce of exaggeration I can muster. She annoys the living crap out of me, every time I go in there. I kid you not, she asks me if I know where the pharmacy is every single time I go in there. Well unless the damn thing has moved in the last week (for the 300th time) I'm pretty sure I know where it is. NOOOO this time she has to actually walk me down there. I guess something about the pharmacy being closed except for patients.

Anyways, I get my prescription for my muscle relaxers and Aleve and head out the door. I decide to stop at the Shopette because we need gas in the car and I've gotta return some movies. I get up to pay and what do I hear, "MRS RHOADES!!!!!!" Oh lordy, the only person I know that calls me that is our FRL...which is with my husband...supposed to be off geocaching...over an HOUR ago. I turn...oh lookey, there my hubby is climbing out of the truck. Ugh, go figure this is going to turn from a simple 8-12 event to an all day event. Just what I need. We go in, return the movies and stuff and go our separate ways.

I proceed to go to the car place to get stuff done that he was supposed to do. I pick up the part we need, schedule an oil change and time to get the part put in. Score, so Kaylin and I head to the commissary and then the post office. I decide that since I don't particularly want to go home, I stop by my old job and chit chat for a while. After about an hour or so, Kaylin and I head back to the house and collapse on the couch. Around 4, the spawn decides that she will no longer nap and is hungry. So I get a bottle and some cereal made and she eats. I put in the potatoes for dinner, still not hearing anything from Dennis. I'm getting annoyed because I'm hurting and I'm exhausted from not sleeping. I call Dennis, who conviently says they are still 30 minutes away and haven't even left yet. JOY. I lay Kaylin down just before 6 so that she can get some sleep and I start fixing dinner, twice baked potato casserole (seeing as we don't have the good potatoes here, I can't put them back in the potato skin).

Just after 6 I hear the jingle of keys. Great he's home. I try to keep my cool and pretend that the hamburger meat that I am browning is my hubby. Mash, mash, mash! Well then I hear, "Babyyyy...I love you..." He's up to something...I'm mad and he's going to be a pain in my ass somehow. I turn around and he's got flowers in his hand. GAH! I can't even be mad at him. I hate when he does that sometimes! I wanted to stomp my feet and get mad, but I couldn't. He didn't want to be gone that long, he didn't mean to make it an all day event, but it just happened.

Dang it, I love that man.

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