Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My hanger hand...

Around the same time I started hanging my own clothes up, I realized my aversion to wire hangers. I loathe the way they feel, all covered (though some aren't) with the plastic sheath. They are just a pain, too thin, too small and just don't look right hanging up in a clothes.

After living on my own, I noticed one thing. I liked required my hangers to all match. Color, shape, style. They can't differ, it makes me crazy! I even have a slight preference to white ones with the little hooks underneath the top part of the hanger so its easy to hook cami's and tank tops.

Morale of that story, the hangers have to be white. All matching, white hangers. Laugh, its okay I'll be here when you stop.

Better? Perfect.

Now I've worked a fair few retail jobs. However never in all my memory (which either is apparently not that great [highly possible] or I'm choosing to forget) have I worked with hangers like the ones at my current job. I'm not sure if it is the metal stands they use to hold the clothes, the hangers themselves, or a strange, yet probable, combination of both. But those hangers are NASTY. I can unload the fitting room first thing on my shift and my "hanger hand" is already got black marks on it. Did I already mention they are a weird combination of wire top and plastic bottom? No, okay well now you know.

I continually joke with a few girls at work that I am going to start wearing a sort of apron to work equipped with my awesome size remover tool that I'm fairly certain I could use as a self defense weapon in a dire emergency, an oversize bottle of industrial strength hand sanitizer, and about 30 pens and a note pad. I'm not totally positive how well it would go over with our "dress casual" dress code, but maybe if I got a fancy 3 pocket apron with lace?

Either way, I'm at least seriously considering carrying around my own yummy scented hand sanitizer. My hanger hand always seem to wreak of old metal, dirt, and sweat. And for some reason, it feels like it never goes away. Which is why I need my yummy scented Bath & Body Works sanitizer. Well that and the fact that I bought 5 small travel bottles when I first got here and apparently don't go through it nearly as fast as I did in Germany where is was nearly impossible to find a replacement bottle.

While lathering my hands with yet another dose of sanitizer, probably the 3rd for the evening I was joking about my "hanger hand". My mind always goes a mile a minute, unless that is slow then I'll say at the speed of light, (take your pick) and I began thinking of hands. Thinking of hands led me to that one scene in Scary Movie 2 where the creepy guy sticks out his deformed hand to help the guy up and goes, "Here! Take my good hand."

Oh gosh while you sit there confused I'll just get you a picture...

See now all you can think about is me going around the store with my "hanger hand" and quoting this movie. Its okay, you can laugh now.

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Veronica said...

lol You are a goofball Ashlee!! And if it helps any, I have to have those white hangers too! But I'll go a step further- Will's can't be white too, otherwise I won't know when he steals mine! So he got to choose his own color which happens to be green!