Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 14 – A picture of your favorite store

Its the one store that I missed most in Germany. The 24 hour shopping, the incredible (mostly) deals, the long lines.

All of it.

I never thought I'd miss it, in fact I always grumbled about going to Wally World when I had to. It was the last place anyone with half a brain seems to want to go, especially on payday.

I remember our first Christmas in Germany. I unwrapped all the Christmas decorations and found an old Walmart bag. Being hormonal (probably 5 week pregnant) and missing home I almost broke down in tears. I wanted to hug that good old Walmart bag.

Even now, our cupboard over flows with little plastic bags from Walmart. I'm there at least twice a week, the deals don't change much but I always manage to forget one thing I'd purposely gone for.

Walmart isn't necessary my FAVORITE of favorite stores, but its definitely the one that I frequent the most.

Now Kohls on the other hand. FAV-OR-ITE! Now I'm not boasting because I work for one, trust me they do not need the publicity from a lowly blog like mine.

Its all about saving money. I remember when the Little started to outgrow her shoes. I went immediately online to search for a Shoe Carnival in the area. Much to my disappointment, all the ones in the area had been closed. Instead of spending a bunch of money on shoes that my Little was going to outgrow in a matter of months, my sister and I headed to Kohl's.

We found 2 pairs of shoes on clearance and I managed to find a new snazzy pair of sunglasses for $15! Now try and beat that! It was long before I started working there. Now I get paid to work at a store that is honestly giving something back.

I love spending 1/4 of what I saved. Go, shop!

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