Friday, February 4, 2011

Not Just Another Pretty Face

So I was cleaning today and came across a realization....My husband picked the wrong career for me to be just another pretty face.

A few years ago while I was in my high school pretty girl days, my dad told me that it was a good thing I was pretty. The story:

I volunteered at a local hospital for all of high school. My senior year I got selected to work in the ER and get high school credit. (SCORE) One night while talking to a security guard that I frequently talked to we began talking about the mountains. *Ensue city girl* I hate loath camping; sleeping on the ground, freezing my butt off, peeing by a tree, and bugs...definitely not my thing now, so there was no chance of it being my thing then. He said he loved camping, no gps just a compass and a map. Again, city girl. I've never used a compass, never even seen one. So I asked him what it was. He explained what it was and how to use it...totally crazy to think about! Anyways the next evening at dinner I proclaimed I learned something new yesterday. My dad, being the lovely man that he is, asked me what I learned. I proceeded to tell him about the compass and how it wasn't just a math tool! He laughed, quite a bit actually, and then said it was a good thing I was pretty. My face dropped and I said, "HEY!" I got the joke but hey he was right.

Fast forward to now, almost 5 years later. With the upcoming deployment I've realized that I have 2 roles to fill now. Mommy and Daddy. So I've decided that my husband picked the wrong career so that I can be just another pretty face. I have to role up my sleeves and change the car oil, mow the grass (okay I haven't done that), shovel the snow, do the grocery shopping, wash the clothes, and clean the house. Not only am I taking on all the typical Mommy tasks, I am now taking on all the additional Daddy duties as well! Sure I can have my days where I act like a total girl, twirl my hair and snap my gum. But the majority of the next year will be growing as an adult, Mommy and Daddy.

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SuziG said...

Haha!! Yay! It works! :)

What I've been waiting to say is at least you can change your oil! I can't do that. Pretty sad considering I'm a mechanics daughter. Come to think of it, I can't change a tire either. Eesh! To make you feel better, I'm no good at compasses. And I loathe camping, it was fun when I was a kid but it's SO not my thing now. Unless there is an RV involved... then I'm all for it! The rest of the stuff I can do... but really, I'll hire someone to mow. I hate yardwork. Besides, I'm allergic to the crap out there anyway. hehe!