Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Morning After

So after our last, "blow out" party for the guys I realized one simple thing. Partying does not have as much appeal as it used to when its 2 am and you realize your child will be up and ready to go in only 6 very short hours. I'm so exhausted today and I didn't really drink that much to begin with! I'm not sure if its the cold that I have or the fact that I slept like shit because someone *coughDenniscough* sleeps like a crazy person when he's drunk. Either way, I slept like crap and got up with Kaylin at 7 this morning. Dennis lovingly told me he only needed "30 more minutes" and even set a timer. Got up 45 minutes later and then was back asleep by 10. I tell ya, you'd think that he planned this all.

The house is somewhat picked up, but there is still beer cans and bottles I'm too tired to pick up. Not that I even drank that much. I'm just beat to a pulp...maybe I can sleep in tomorrow? FAT CHANCE.

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SuziG said...

That would be my luck if we had a party that involved alcohol. 'Tis why there's no chance in hell of that happening... I couldn't handle it and I damn sure couldn't handle getting up with her the morning after. You are a BRAVE soul!! Kudos to you chica! ;) I hope that you feel better, both from the cold and the party!