Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So for some reason I cannot get yesterday out of my head. I was watching a friends boys for her while she goes to many of her recent doctors appointments. Her boy(may be boys) have ADHD and are being put on meds and things. Well they have counseling sessions and parent only sessions. So to help out since her hubby is down range with mine, I've been watching either one or both of the boys. I don't mind, they are typically good boys. Well with all these new appointments and things she's got a lot to tell her husband. I totally understand that, she is learning a lot and she wants to share it with her husband. Well he called and she was telling him things, and in a rush to get to an FRG meeting. The phone cuts out, which definitely happens from out there. Well she hangs up and goes, "Ugh, I'd rather not hear from him at all then get a short phone call." I'm like, "Seriously?! No you don't. I haven't heard my husbands voice in over a week and you're complaining about a 3 minute phone call?" She goes, "I'd just rather not hear anything." I know she was more saying it out of frustration but at the same time I was really ticked.

At least she HEARS from her husband. I hardly ever get anything, and I haven't heard his voice in over a week. I know my husband is busy and stuff so its not like he's ignoring us, but her husband gets in contact with her every single day and she's complaining that she doesn't get enough time?! Seriously?!?!?!

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