Thursday, February 10, 2011


So as hubby goes off for our first deployment I have some realizations that have come to light.

#1 I hate left overs! Okay this is nothing particularly new, more so just a statement. I'm so used to cooking for two that it's hard to actually think of anything to make when he is gone. Especially because I don't really want to eat much to avoid having leftovers! I don't think food tastes as good reheated...except for the pork green chili we make. That is AWESOME left over. Bleh, this is going to be a long year.

#2 I hate having to take the trash out! Gah it annoys me. Yes I took it out when he was home but I still hated it. Lol

#3 I love wearing his shirts to bed, especially the ones that smell like him. It makes me think I'm being hugged by him.

#4 Unfortunately the world doesn't stop for me. Which sucks because I think it should. On the same level I think its nice that time itself doesn't stop.

#5 Wine tastes good no matter what. Especially the sweet wines. They are a huge win.

#6 Keeping busy only works for so long. Then you get tired of constantly being busy and having things to do. Like tomorrow, I've got nothing planned and I sure do hope that it stays that way.

#7 I can't work an iPhone to save my life. I'm still so illiterate at it! The guys at the tax center laughed today when my phone rang. Since I don't know how to change the ringtones everything is stuck on what Dennis had it on. So "Black and Yellow" came on and I laughed. Apparently I could totally pull off the rocker/rapper chick look. *rocker pointer finger and pinkie!!!*

#8 I hate the music on my iPod. I'm so used to Dennis' music I hate mine. Like HATE. It doesn't help that I only put the CD's I have on there. So its all old music and everything.

#9 Dane Cook can make anyone any time.

I think that's all for to call maaa Dadddyyy!!

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