Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why I HATE teething

Ugh honestly as a parent I don't think I've experienced more pain, hurt, and helplessness than when Kaylin doesn't feel good. Watching her hurt I wish I could take it all away and put it on myself, 10 million times over. I (like many parents I know) have spent sleepless nights sitting in rocking chairs so their baby can breathe. Now I'm not trying to make this a pity contest on who's the best parent.

Kaylin has had colds, ear infections, diarrhea, and puked all over the place. None of that compares to teething. That miserable, achy, just hold me and don't let me go, all around fussiness that comes with those pearly whites popping through those tender swollen gums tops it all.

I always can tell when Kaylin's getting a tooth (or typically in her case, teeth). Usually its a few days of fussy, clingy, grumpy baby followed by days of endless diarrhea (to the point I'm changing her OUTFIT 3-4 times a day), a slight fever and even more irritability.

Today has been no exception. Poor baby has a diaper rash from deep in the pits of hell. I lay her down on the floor and the tears fill her eyes. It breaks my heart to even think about! Even more heartbreak as I wipe her tender little butt with a wipe in hopes that she will feel better in a few minutes. I do my best to let her air dry and I scoop her and cuddle her. But I hate thinking about how much pain she's in.

I hate teething because

10. Even though she loves to eat, and still will eat, she gets pickier.
9. She clings all day long. To the point you can't even pee alone.
8. She's restless. Naps are half the length they usually are.
7. She chews on EVERYTHING. Shoes, toes, fingers, toys, and anything else that can fit in that pint sized mouth.
6. Teething = Diarrhea
5. Diarrhea = instant diaper rash.
4. Diarrhea + diaper (full or dry doesn't matter) = the runs all over the outfit, seat, play area and parent.
3. Instant diaper rash =  an extremely painful, tedious, and fit throwing diaper changing experience
2. Diarrhea always gets on that outfit you were looking to wear out of the house, 2 minutes before you need to leave. Requiring a complete wardrobe change.
1. Have I mentioned the chewing, fussing, crying and diarrhea??

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heather said...

I know what you mean about the rashes!!! Caine gets it sooo bad the it blisters and bleeds!!! And you feel so helpless!!