Friday, October 7, 2011

View This :)

So I was talking about my blog with Kristen and she mentioned about her views on her blog. I told her it was neat that she knew how many people had checked her blog in one day and all that jazz. You know BLOG STATS. I remember telling her I wish I knew how to do that...

LOW AND BEHOLD...she knew a way. :) So after taking Kaylin to the doctor, price scouting at the Commissary, and picking up a few things at Wally World I opened up my computer and checked the usual websites...Facebook, Hotmail, Googlemail, and then clicking on my blog to attempt to come up with some sort of interesting thing that has happened to me this week, I clicked on my "stats" tab. Huh, this is pretty popular I guess. :)

I've got quite a few hits on this blog, and to be honest it kinda makes me proud. Not that I ever have anything to say that is massively important I'm still excited that more than my measly 5 family members have viewed this thing. I've got views from the US, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Italy, the UK, Belgium and more! How neat is that?! Being a military wife it really shouldn't surprise me, I've got friends in a lot of these countries but its still neat to see. :D

I'm sure I'll have something more to talk about this evening, but for now its a good start. Lol!


Aleah said...

Babe, you need to check out Google Analytics. It'll tell you what search words people typed in that landed them on your blog. I cannot tell you the number of hits I've gotten from people googling "blonde no clothes" and "can you get pregnant from a Walmart toilet seat."

Good times!

Jen Ricker said...

Aleah, I just read your Vlad does Walmart blog! I am rolling with laughter!