Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 31 – A picture of food you made

Pineapple Swiss Chicken
I'm fairly certain I have posted this recipe on my blog before. But because I'm feeling lazy and don't really take pictures of my food all that often, this is it.

I actually can't even remember where I saw this recipe. I want to say probably either in my $5 mom meals book or on the back of a Swiss Cheese package; but either way I still think its delicious.

Marinade your chicken breasts in Italian Dressing, which by the way is a wonderful way to cook chicken period, cook them until they are done. Remove them from the pan and slightly brown the pineapple rings in the remaining Italian Dressing (feel free to add dressing if needed). Once they are slightly browned, remove them and add the chicken back to the pan. Place the pineapple rings on top of the chicken and cover with a slice of Swiss Cheese. Melt the cheese and VIOLA! You have a delicious meal that is easy on the wallet and the stomach.

You can add pretty much anything as a side. In the picture we have brown rice and green beans. The other day we had it with mixed veggies and rice.

For the recipe and directions click here.

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