Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Busy is as busy does

This weekend was quite the busy one. We had Libby's birthday party on Saturday, and then Sunday-Tuesday we had Kaylin's grandparents (Dennis' mom and step-dad) visiting from Texas...

Sunday we headed to church and then came home to meet his family. They enjoyed spending some time with Kaylin, and she was relatively good for having no nap until 2 pm. She slept for a little bit and we headed up to see Auntie. We had a nice chit chat, ate some dinner and hung out for a while.

Monday after I applied at every single nursing home I possibly could, Kaylin woke up and we headed up to Babies R Us to meet his mom. We looked around the store, Kaylin got some new toys and things courtesy of her Nana and we headed to the mall. Now I don't know about you or your kids...but I've never seen a child eat the way Kaylin does. She finished a whole, yes whole banana at the mall. It was about snack time, but she'd also eaten mini ravioli for lunch! We walked around the mall, got her a few more toys and some clothes and by the time we realized it, it was almost 5 pm! Kaylin was in desperate need for a nap, so we made plans to head to the zoo Tuesday and said our goodbyes. Kaylin napped while I unloaded the car with all her goodies, and took them out of the box for her to play with.

We woke up later on Tuesday morning, which put us behind but we ate, I showered and were out the door in time to head up to the zoo. We met them up there around 10 and walked around for a few hours. Kaylin loves seeing the animals, she even got to ride the old fashioned carousel! She's still not a huge fan of feeding the giraffe's. The last time we went she'd hold the cracker but got mad when the giraffe took it, this time she wouldn't even HOLD the lettuce!!! By the time we left she was cranky and mad, but as soon as she sat in her car seat and it got moving, she was out like a light! We joined the in-laws for lunch while the kiddos took their nap and then headed downtown to walk around and get a Bubble Tea. Honestly I wasn't a huge fan of them. The tapioca balls were a little on the strange side (and anyone know knows me knows I've got texture issues...) but the coconut drink wasn't bad. We walked around downtown for a bit and then headed back to Wal-Mart. There we got a  few minor shopping things out of the way and we said our goodbyes. It was hard to see them go, but we'll try to make it out there very soon!

Yesterday was also Libby's actual birthday. So we met up at the house and headed to Chipotle, did some shopping and then went to iTop it for dessert.

Now I need to get some of this stuff done for my CNA job, so I've gotta run. Especially now that Kaylin's sleeping!

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