Friday, August 26, 2011

A new Journey Begins

3 days...21 hours...and 56 minutes...until Kaylin and I are on a plane back to the good ole' US of A!

A lot has changed recently and the more that develops, the more I am thankful to be leaving Germany. Yes, I will miss my friends, who have become more like a family away from family. But everything else, I'll be glad to leave behind. With the exception of McDonalds nuggets...its like Ashlee crack or something. Anyways, I am trying to keep it all pretty positive and not focus on what we're leaving, but what we are going to. Its a new chapter, not the closing of a book. :)

The movers came for the majority of our stuff on Tuesday. It really sucked watching our life be packed away, but as the evening came upon me, it wasn't nearly as sad as I thought it was going to be. I took Kaylin to the CDC just because I knew that it would be easier to not have her here. Being away from her for 8 hours, really sucked though. I honestly think that's the longest I've ever gone without her!

Wednesday the movers came later in the afternoon and took the rest of our stuff, basically the stuff for Kaylin. Her crib, her high chair, the umbrella stroller, her second car seat, and whatever else random that was left from the previous day. Moving is gosh darn stressful, I'll tell ya that!

Now we sit in our house full of government furniture and random things until Tuesday. Tuesday, and our feet will be on American soil, back in American time zones. My adds on Facebook will be back to English, no more having to find IP blockers online to watch my favorite TV shows, no more stupid AFN commercials. Don't get me wrong, I love the opportunity and the things we saw together. Germany is an experience on its own and I'm sure that if we had traveled more I would have loved it here even more. Its rough when you don't speak the language at all, every word looks like jibberish (I can't even imagine going to Korea :-/). I remember telling my parents that I knew now what it felt like to be unable to read. Because to me, the majority of the German language looks like letters put together.

Soon we'll be saying auf Wiedersehen Germany and HELOOOOO America!


Anonymous said...

It was a blessing to get to know you. I will forever have you and your baby in my heart. I know we'll remain friends and I pray that we'll end up in the same time zone again. Keep your head up, remember that life has a lot of curve balls....some you'll hit and some you won't. Either way, it's worth playing the game. Love ya! Heather Schroeder

Kristen said...

I love you, Ashlee, and I can't wait to meet you, Kaylin!!! Come up to Denver SOON!!!