Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Little One

My Kaylin-

How can I even begin? You mean the world to me. 1 year ago today I laid in a hospital bed waiting for you to arrive. The day was long, and sometimes it seemed unbearable; but in the long run it was the most incredible experience of my life. At 9:42 I heard you cry for the very first time. It was a while before I actually saw you, but the wait was completely worth it. You laid in my arms completely and I had never felt so much innocence. You were completely dependent on me. When they brought you to me later on that day, I laid you on me for the first time and was in love. You loved me more than I could ever imagine, and I knew it then, your very presence made my world completely.

Over the last year I've seen you grow from a tiny little baby to a beautiful little girl. You are so smart and so cute. You're personality is amazing and contagious. You have made the darker days lighter, the cloudy days sunnier, and the bad days better. I can't believe how much you've learned over the last year. You pick up on so many things it amazes me. I love to see you're little mind work and problem solve. Every day is something new and I am so glad I get to share it with you. You are the light of my world and I love you more than anything. I thank God that you are here every day. Its like He knew I'd need you, you are my blessing from Heaven.

I love you Kaylin, you are my everything. Happy Birthday big girl!

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Melanie B said...

I am sorry that are left to raise this amazing little girl on your own.
Even though he is cousin, i still cannot believe what he as done to you.

You are astorng lady, and my prayerw will be with you both, as you watch her grow.