Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So I threw a bottle of Ibuprofen

So now that I'm calmed down, I've decided to share the events of the last few weeks...

Its 11 pm, I'm just about to go to bed when my cell phone rings. I grab it and worry because Dennis has already called for the evening. The voice is male, and he tells me he is from the Red Cross, my heart drops...something happened to my husband...the guy continues to tell me he is calling about Dennis' sister. Again, my heart drops...but he continues to say she is fine and basically that "she'd really like to see her big brother"....well yes, we'd all like to go to the States but we CAN'T AFFORD IT. You swore you'd pay for us to come out, you tell your daughter THAT. So I call to confront her and she basically tells me to fuck off and that I'd do the same thing for my daughter. I'd do anything for my daughter but I would not send a Red Cross message to my son to pull at his heartstrings. Sorry, that's cruel.

Things settle down from that and then I get on Dennis' facebook and see that his mom wrote him about his sister doing a "Make a Wish" thing, and they may be out here in January. Great...expect him not to be home because he'll be packing for deployment. Don't start getting pissed at him because of it all. Sorry! We'd love to see you but you have SHITTY timing. She then proceeds to ask me if they'll give him a few days off because they'll be here. UM, no. He's already taken leave and they'll be leaving soon...what do you think?? Oh and for what I know they haven't even packed their stuff yet. FUN. I'll hardly see him and now all I'm gonna hear is how he isn't around when they come out all this way...sorry we warned you. *shrug*

So fast forward to yesterday...only a few days before Dennis is supposed to be home, *phew* but I looked to see if his check had hit the bank account yet, and all the sudden I see a charge from Amazon. Hmmmm, maybe Dennis bought something from there. No big deal, I figured I'd ask him when he calls so I know if I should open packages or not. He tells me he never ordered anything. So I do some digging because this is weird. Come to find out it was MY card that was used even though I have it. CRAP. So I hold my card, and then pull out money and cancel the card. So all I have in my wallet right now is all we have till Dennis gets home. Gah I'm just so frustrated with it!

Then today I was supposed to take a final for one of my classes. I go make the appointment, drop Kaylin off at my friend's and head off. Its snowing, I'm annoyed because of my card, and I'm exhausted. So when I cannot find my test, I'm irritated. Its the only day I can do it and there is NO test. I email my teacher, but hear nothing back. *sigh* Stupid online classes!

I did my few errands, put minutes back on my phone and picked up Kaylin. We got home, she ate and we napped. I really hoped it would help me wake up in a better mood but it did not. I fed Kaylin and she got tired so she started fussing. I got hungry so I put her in her crib so I could eat. I had a headache so I reached for the bottle of Ibuprofen. It would NOT open. I had it just right and everything...that's when I snapped. I chucked the bottle of Ibuprofen and it opened, spilled all over the floor.


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